Brightline Insurance

Contractors, Owners & Construction Professionals

Construction is an extremely hazardous and regulated industry with significant risks that require innovative, proactive risk solutions. The balance between cost and reduced profit margins can lead to decisions that can “cut” critical insurance coverage. Our team takes a “balanced” approach to evaluate the unique insurance requirements of all facets of the construction industry to provide the needed coverage that meets budget concerns.

For contractors, owners, construction professionals, project financiers and special purpose companies, we offer the following products and solutions:

  • Cyber Liability

  • Construction/Erection “All Risks”

  • Employer’s Liability

  • Third-Party Liability

  • Advance Loss of Profits/Delay in Start Up

  • Construction project insurance

  • Bond

  • Crime

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Builders Risk

  • Environmental/Pollution

  • Political Risks

  • Professional Indemnity/Professional Liability

  • Marine Cargo

  • Marine Cargo Delay in Start Up

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