Brightline Insurance

Your preferred risk management partner

Brightline is your preferred risk management partner in the Community Transit space. With partner clients across the country, we have the expertise to help you navigate the commercial insurance space and what matters to your agency the most, your ridership. Whether it’s the first mile, last mile, or all points in between, we are here to help your agency navigate the ever changing risk landscape.

It is our position that transit partners make the best clients. We are not looking to shop the cheapest “deal” or use a “one size fits all” approach to earn your business. Each transit agency is different, with different challenges, technology resources, funding, geography, population density, employee pools, ridership trends just to name a few. In order for us to be a trusted advisory partner we strive to fully understand your business to uncover potential risk and help realize savings opportunities for our agency.

Experience the Brightline difference

Whether you are a rural or urban, NEMT or public transit, Public, Private, or Not for Profit, we have the team, tools and markets to partner with your agency to ensure its best in class! We’re a partner to prepare, protect, and propel your business.

  • Trusted risk management experts

  • Technology-driven solutions

  • Result-oriented service

  • Partnership for business growth

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